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8:30 am Sunday 22nd September 2019
THWAC WRS WA1440 Ladies & Gents
The High Weald Archery Club UKRS WA1440 Ladies & Gents
Judges - Derrick Lovell & Tony Harris.
Pre Shooting Timing Gates Open 7.15am, Equipment Inspection from 7.45am, Assembly 8.30am Practice 8.45am - 2ends, then the round will commence.
Bosses, Rounds, Faces, Timing
Eros Foam Bosses will be used.
WA1440 Longest two distances will use one 122cm face, shooting 6 arrows in 4 minutes.
WA1440 Shortest two distances CUL & R/C use individual 6 zone 80cm / LB & BB use one 10 zone 80cm face (spaces limited).
Shooting will be to Chronotir timing system with archers shooting in two details AB & CD.
Entry Fee 16.00.
Contact: Darren Hall
Location: Stonehouse Farm, Merriments Lane, Hurst Green, East Sussex TN19 7RD