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Search Tips

The keyword(s) are matched agains the title, description, and locations for each News item or Diary Event.
Multiple words can be used:

  • Placing a plus (+) in front of a word means that it MUST be included in the result. Otherwise it is treated as search = "WordA or WordB or WordC etc."
  • Exact phrases can be searched for by enclosing the phrase in quotes ("...").

Dates can be used to limit searches:

  • "From" months search from the first day of that month.
  • "To" months search up to the last day of that month.
  • If a month is selected but it's corresponding year is left blank then the current year will be assumed.
  • Conversly, if a year is selected but the month is left blank then the current month will be assumed.

Results are presented differently depending on the type of search:

  • Results from Diary Event searches are listed in Event date order with the earliest date first.
  • Results from News item searches are listed in the date order that they were added with the most recent date first.